The critical requirements for the concrete supply to Burj Dubai were to exactly create consultant formulations, provide the highest Weighing Accuracy and absolute reliability. The most challenging requirements were to fine-tune the weighing accuracy to the highest possible limit and keep the quality absolutely consistent. With over 830m, it is the tallest building in the world and thus a further milestone in the fabled building boom in the Emirate of Dubai.


GPE WEBCon strict demands
for the world’s tallest building

With over 700m, it is the tallest building in the world and thus a further milestone in the fabled building boom in the Emirate of Dubai.

The company UNIMIX, one of the most important and largest ready-mix suppliers in the UAE has received the contract for the supply of concrete. 

There were two Extra-Mix concrete plants, each with an hourly capacity of 120 cubic meters of building near the site specially to supply concrete for Burj Dubai.

Since the existing weighing and dosing did not satisfy the requirements of the client, they hired GPE German Plant Experience LLC, to exchange control in the fastest possible time.

In just four days, the existing control system was dismantled, modified the complete wiring, and installed WEBCon system. On the fifth day, the production could be resumed.

WEBCon meets all statutory requirements and governmental regulations as stipulated in the construction of the Burj Dubai. Intelligent weighing terminals ensure the highest dosing accuracy of all the components including micro silica and ice.

For the process, a PLC control run by Siemens type is available. Both weighing terminals communicate with PLC using OPC server with the master computer.

Additionally, the proper dosing software WEBCon runs the whole system. All hardware consists of standard components, which are always available, anywhere.

The latest web technology, in conjunction with standard software components, provides the operator maximum flexibility and ease of use. Clear self-explanatory menus and buttons allow the operator maximum ease of use and a very good overview.


The host computer is connected to two LCD monitors. Thus, the operator can easily select recipes, enter orders, or adjust system parameters, while he gets visualized displayed on another monitor the entire production process.

The visualization system consists of an overview can zoom from where the user via mouse click into the individual plant areas in order to check the details.

Convenient, user-friendly screens allow the operator to enter recipes, customers,vehicles, construction sites or contracts.Freely adjustable system parameters allow an optimal adjustment of the system for maximum productivity.

All data is stored on a SQL database. This allows the customers to store all relevant production datain a parent or outsource external system. Or you can make directly from a database query basedExcel WEBCon and gets all the necessary data to Excel for further process them there.

WEBCon runs on a standard Internet Explorer, and is therefore easily integrated into existing networks

The delivery term was specifically tailored to the requirements of the customer.

Extensive statistics allow the customer to quickly and easily view consumption, levels and other production parameters. All statistics can be printed or exported in freely select able time frame.Usage statistics with administration of the material issues, target / actual comparison with the difference calculation is also available, such as customers, building sites or vehicle statistics, as well as order statistics, with output of all components contained in the recipe.

WEBCon – Server Head Office Intranet or Internet Control and Supervision via HTML technology Batching Plant Abu Dhabi Plant Al Ain Batching Plant Dubai WEBCon – Possibilities General Manager Laboratory Quality Control Invoicing TCP/IP Network

A specially tailored alarm management system immediately informs the operator via plain text message about messages and alarms. These are stored in a separate file and can be viewed at anytime.

An integrated backup system allows the user to restore any back up all data, respectively. Finally, one can see that WEBCon meets all the requirements that are specifically made for the construction of the Burj Dubai.Not least for this reason, WEBCon is now successfully established at numerous installations across Middle Ea stand the number of users is steadily growing.

Meanwhile, GPE LLC, a leading supplier of mixing systems, control systems and components, is establishing Concrete Batching Plants on turnkey basis all around the world.

Spare parts from stock, as well as experienced technicians to guarantee the customers the complete after-sales service and immediate assistance in an emergency.